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Mocha Education Holdings Limited - (In Liquidation) (United Arab Emirates) - Phone - Address

Mocha Education Holdings Limited - (In Liquidation) is a United Arab Emirates company, located in Not Available, you can browse Mocha Education Holdings Limited - (In Liquidation) phone, address, contact person, products and services, website, and etc for free. Mocha Education Holdings Limited - (In Liquidation) business info all on

Company Information

Registration Code: 2298
Country: United Arab Emirates
Status: Pending Dissolution
Date of Establishment: 2016-11-01
Address: Not Available
Total No. of Issued Shares: 50,000.000000


Director: Bisher Barazi ; until 08 July 2019; Junaid Haji Zikar ; until 20 May 2018; Muhammad Rafique Lakhani ; until 20 May 2018; Mustafa Ahmed Talaat Abdelwadood ; until 29 April 2018; Waqar Hassan Siddique ; until 20 May 2018
Shareholder: Abraaj SPV 124 Limited ; until 15 March 2018
Update Time: 2020-09-24
     {"Trading Name": "Mocha Education Holdings Limited", "Business activities": "Holding Company; Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management", "Type of License": "Non Regulated", "Type of Entity": "Private Company", "DNFBP": " Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions ; No", "Commercial License Validity Date": "2020-10-31", "Financial Year End": "31st December", "Class of Issued Shares": "Ordinary", "Data Controller": "Mocha Education Holdings Limited - (In Liquidation)", "Permits required by Data Controller": "", "Notification of Personal Data operations": "No", "Permit to transfer Personal Data": "No", "Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data": "No"}