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Anchor Proprietary Investments Limited (United Arab Emirates) - Phone - Address

Anchor Proprietary Investments Limited is a United Arab Emirates company, located in Not Available, you can browse Anchor Proprietary Investments Limited phone, address, contact person, products and services, website, and etc for free. Anchor Proprietary Investments Limited business info all on

Company Information

Registration Code: 1621
Country: United Arab Emirates
Status: Dissolved
Date of Establishment: 2014-07-02
Address: Not Available
Total No. of Issued Shares: 50,000.000000


Director: SHIMA MAJITHIA ; until 22 October 2014
Shareholder: Anchor Proprietary Holdings Limited
Update Time: 2020-09-24
     {"Trading Name": "Anchor Proprietary Investments Limited", "Business activities": "Proprietary Investments", "Type of License": "Non Regulated", "Type of Entity": "Private Company", "DNFBP": " Designated Non-Financial Businesses and Professions ; No", "Commercial License Validity Date": "", "Financial Year End": "", "Class of Issued Shares": "Ordinary", "Data Controller": "Anchor Proprietary Investments Limited", "Permits required by Data Controller": "", "Notification of Personal Data operations": "Yes", "Permit to transfer Personal Data": "No", "Permit to Process Sensitive Personal Data": "No"}